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Who knows your habits? Your Schedule? Your Staff? Your Business?

Message Management Center LLC

Solution-Based Answering Service

Virtual Telephone Staff

24/7 Answering Service, Appointment Booking and More!

 I guess you could say

we've been

doing this for a long time.

Clients were "outsourcing" to our operators,,

before "outsourcing"was even a word. 

We believe... that you would rather ....

Skip the answering service jargon, the technical "look"

of a website.

What Can We Do For Your Company?

We believe... that people need to smile,,and

maybe laugh, maybe even at our website!

that when you TALK to our staff'll know the difference.

  • Professional, (yet Friendly)!
  • Efficient, (yet Caring andHelpful)
  • Computerized,Web-Linked, and yes, Technical, but,,,

We won't "bury you in jargon."

So if all you do is smile?

That's OK too! In this Economy???

We're glad we made you smile!

For more smiles

Call 978-683-3500 or 603-893-5009

Message Management Center

2 Pleasant St., 1st floor, Salem NH 03079

[email protected]